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The above illustration is the generic full programme for a comprehensive culture change journey.

We understand however that every organisation is different, and often have a campaign in place and are at their own level regarding safety maturity. All our courses, material and support can be tailored to individual needs, following a detailed Support Needs Analysis (SNA), which will identify areas for focus and help to align the support directly where needed.


HSE Culture Measurement

NEW FREE online HSE Culture Measurement Tool

MindSafety are now able to offer a FREE culture measurement service, which is online, easy to use, and will provide a detailed Report on the current HSE culture maturity and operative’s perceptions about safety within your organisation.

The process uses the recognized and highly respected Hearts & Minds HSE Culture Measurement mechanism, and the report will provide a full breakdown of responses from all participants from the workforce, which involves managers, supervisors and front-line workers, as well as a calculated assessment of the organisation’s position on the HSE maturity scale. This can then provide a platform to plan for improvement and development of the HSE culture, – providing a ‘NOW’ picture to serve as a tangible starting point.

Online questionnaire for Managers, Supervisors and the Workforce

Structured to provide a ”SNAPSHOT’ of the HSE culture and safety perceptions using the Hearts & Minds HSE Culture Maturity Scale and assessment mechanism.

The report will show the mean average level of the HSE culture, as well as a detailed measurement from answers to specific questions, with levels of safety perceptions together with the identification of improvement opportunities and recommended actions to develop and move toward a ‘GENERATIVE’ world-class safety standard.

To organise your FREE HSE culture measurement in your organisation, Click Here and scroll down to the Pre Survey Questionnaire form.


Dynamic Training Courses Inter-active Workshops

Providing the tools to change beliefs and perceptions about safety with a proven model to embed the ‘Key Messages’ into the corporate safety culture.

Accredited Safety Coach training to provide skilled support within teams at the Local Level. 

In-depth safety coach development workshops providing selected operatives with the skills & knowledge to promote the ‘Key Messages’ continually amongst team members on site at the local level. I.S.C.A. Safety Coaches provide valuable feedback to the HSE Team about the safety culture on site at any given time.











Resources to continually remind everyone on site of the ‘Key Messages’, helping to remind everyone about demonstrating positive and proactive behaviours so they eventually become ‘second nature’ & form part of the safety culture.


A great support resource for safety talks and inductions






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