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David founded MindSafety in 2003, and has built the company over many years of research, collaboration and development.

A businessman and entrepreneur for over 35 years, David has commanded leading and significant roles in a range of business areas including catering and hospitality, property development, manufacture, sales and marketing, graphic and commercial design, computing and information technology, teaching and training and training management.

David is CEO and Managing Director of MindSafety’s UK head office located at Regus House, Herons Way, Chester Business Park, Chester, CH4 9QR, United Kingdom, where MindSafety provides services to many major UK clients.

An innovator and natural problem solver, David has developed the MindSafety process of culture change to face the challenges of industry today, recognising the time pressures and workloads in today’s busy and competitive world, and providing solutions which really make a difference and which are sustainable into the long term.

Contact details:

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” Good Leadership is looking at your teams and not thinking ‘what can they do for me’ but more ‘what can I do for them’.



For over 15 years we have been providing training to thousands of delegates. Our message is simple: recognise the fact that we are all human (and nobody is perfect!), and as such our choices and decision making can be influenced by many factors.

It is important to note that all our approved presenters and facilitators are carefully selected and trained by us to ensure our strict high standards are delivered consistently to the client. All of our approved trainers are licenced to deliver our training material, and only approved presenters holding the MindSafety Licence Card are entitled to deliver any of the MindSafety programme.

Each trainer is issued with a plastic licence card, and this proves they are qualified to deliver the MindSafety courses. If they do not have this card, they may not be entitled to present our material, and could be in breach of IP and copyright legislation!

All of our material, – courses, workshops, support resources and training models are all written and developed in-house, and are the exclusive property of Mindsafety International Limited.

Making sure that you are receiving the standards you expect is important, and making sure you are receiving the training from an approved MindSafety presenter is essential. Only MindSafety delivered by Mindsafety is the real MindSafety!

An approved MindSafety presenter will:

  • Be covered by us for up to £20m liability cover.
  • Be professionally qualified and experienced including a recognised teaching qualification.
  • Be trained to deliver to the highest standards.
  • Be fully supported by MindSafety and all our sustainability systems.
  • Be regularly assessed and coached to ensure the high standards are monitored and delivered at all times.
  • Have their licence renewed annually only if they meet our high and strict competency criteria.
  • Are the only trainers who can deliver training approved and accredited by the MindSafety Accrediting Body.

We wish to ensure our consistent high standards continue to be delivered to our clients so as to have the maximum impact on keeping everyone safer and while at work. Other versions of our material delivered by third parties may fall short of the high standards we deliver, and may not offer the same high levels of support, expertise, experience and professionalism which MindSafety provides.