For many years MindSafety has been training & supporting industry to develop positive, proactive belief-based safety cultures using innovative methods designed from the world of Psychology & Sociology.

We are proud to have worked with some of the world’s largest corporations, & our ever growing portfolio of organisations we have worked with include:


What clients say about us



” The course was a refreshing perspective on culture and behaviour in regards to safety in our workplace. Useful to be able to take today’s learning & apply to both personal & work life! ”

KN GROUP – July 2017

” Enjoyable Presentation that provoked conversation about how we approached matters. Better understanding of how our mind & thoughts often dictate our actions. ”

” Very easy to understand, digest + relate to the information being taught. Very well delivered. Thank you. ”

CBRE – February 2017

“Very well delivered. Thought provoking. ”

” Excellent the way the message came across, Thanks. ”

“Found the course surprisingly interesting. I will look out for mental pairing going forward. Many thanks. ”

Dounreay – June 2017

” Inclusive, really enjoyable, everything was explained well, good use of examples, well understood. ”

” Very enjoyable and interesting course. Excellent presenter. Did not daydream on this course! ”

” My first exposure to ‘MindSafety’. Overall a very useful enjoyable and informative session. Many thanks. ”

” Very interesting training that applies to home & work. ”

” Excellent presenter, held the audience’s attention throughout. Excellent subject knowledge. ”

Telent – April 2017

” Beneficial to the workplace as well as home. Trainer showed great enthusiasm, energetic display with humour & real examples. ”

” Really energetic positive course. ”

Lowery – August 2017

” Very enjoyable and interesting course. Interaction between teams worked effectively. All staff appeared to thoroughly enjoy the event. ”

” Very good presenter. Well communicated. ”


Very good and interesting course. Excellent method of presentation and delivery by Mark. – SSE Great Island

” Entertaining and informative. Good diversity of delivering course. ” – SSE Medway

” Brilliant two days of training, – fully interactive, good examples and good practical practice throughout.”  – SSE Fiddler’s Ferry

” The information was interesting and relevant and delivered in an enthusiastic manner. ” – SSE Perth

” Perfectly delivered course using correct inter-action with group. ” – SSE Glasgow

” The best course I have been on in years. ” – SSE Dundee

‘I attended the ‘Be Safe’ session last night and would like to say thanks to Mindsafety and Tube Lines for arranging this fantastic course, – I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. I learnt things in the course which will make me a better ambassador for Tube Lines with regard to Health & Safety, and the way I speak and approach issues that I come across on site. Also this knowledge can be transferred into my personnel life helping me understand and deal with things in a more positive way. I hope that this course is made available to all Tube Lines employees and all our contractors as I believe the positivity that all will leave with would greatly enhance the working environment for one and all.’

Stephen T.

Station Manager – Tube Lines (London Underground)

(Shell – Wood Group)

“Without question the best course and new approach to safety I have attended.”

Shell – Brent Delta Platform

“Brent Delta is currently sitting with a 5 year low Total Recordable Case Frequency of 1.19 (over one million man hours as a multiplier) & we are seeing the benefits of our ongoing MindSafety journey starting to come through & actually become tangible.

Feedback from our teams & coaches is very positive & this is in part down to the belief-based approach that is MindSafety – I know that there is no manager on this project who would challenge that statement.

Our teams are telling us that “they believe us now”, and that the simplicity of a 20 second scan has proved easier to encourage than anything of a more formal nature in terms of last minute risk assessments etc.

Whilst we do not believe for one minute that we have found , let alone fired off any silver bullet, we certainly have provided our people with an environment where they feel empowered and proud to be safe.

Working on the principle that our environment is everything – ‘we have mended the windows etc, and now ask the teams to take their shoes off at the door’ – the latter they are far more likely to comply with today – than perhaps previously.”

Brian Miller

Brent Alpha/Bravo Facilities HSSE Lead

Decomm Removal/Disposals HSE Manager 

Shell UK Exploration and Production