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New launch for 2018


This course is a new resource developed & designed to engage sub-contractors & SME enterprises.

Easy-to-attend, entertaining and dynamic sessions to introduce the audience to the impact just being human can have on safety in the workplace, and how we can all develop better & safer habits to ensure everyone goes home uninjured every day.

“A great experience. Thank you.”

“Excellently presented. Very interesting and useful information.”

“Everyone should attend this course.”

“Great presenter. Very entertaining and informative.”



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Designed to help organisations engage the contractor and sub-contractor with the MindSafety ‘Key Messages’, by inviting them to attend a MindSafety ‘Head Turning’ event.

Attendees will be issued with a plastic Safety Awareness card, showing their name, the date they attended the event, and the expiry date after 12 months, when it is recommended to have a ‘refresher’ session to ensure the knowledge is still remembered.

Clients will instantly be able to see who has attended the MindSafety event, which makes the safety coach’s support easier on the site as the contractor workforce are now aware of the client’s expected standard for safety, and so helps greatly to align their perceptions about safety with that of the resident workforce.

“This is a great way to engage contractors with the safety teams.”

“Something we have been looking for to help unifying teams on site safety.”

“A great help for safety coaches, making safety communications easier with contractors.”




Please contact me with some more information about the new 'SA' Card.

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