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January 2019

Meeting new potential partners in Turkey with idealisg.

Discussions took place at the prestigious Park Plaza Hotel in Amsterdam Central.

“A terrific couple of days in very positive discussions to partner with Senay and Koray to take MindSafety into Turkey and throughout Asia.

idealisg are a terrific and proactive company who already command a leading position in safety consultancy and training within Turkey, and we are honoured to have the chance to work with them on excditing new projects.”










‘We have been asked many times if working with MindSafety means changing what has already been done.

The short answer is that all our clients keep everything they already have. In fact, we encourage it.’






Harold Rijnbergen to join the MindSafety team in December 2018.


New CEO December 2018 – MindSafety Benelux


About Harold

HSEQ leader with international experience. Record of significant HSE improvements. Record of increasing profits whilst implementing safety programs and effective controll systems.
Introducing changing mindset programmes as the most powerful safety tool for industry. Experienced in the steel and energy industries. Self starter, entrepreneur, people manager, engineer, change manager, with strong analytic skills, highly intercultural, a strategic planner, a tactical coach, a strong operational communicator, and multi lingual.

Harold will be the new CEO of MindSafety Benelux, registered in the Netherlands and which will be heading up MindSafety within Europe and internationally.

You can contact Harold by email on to see how MindSafety could support improvements in health and safety within your organisation.

Harold will be based in our new offices within the Netherlands located at Schiphol Airport.

Click Here to see a location map and contact details, or call our Dutch office on  +31 (0)851 050 349 and our Dutch team will be happy to help with any inquiries.



MAY 2018




Some great connections made on our recent visit to the 3rd Annual IIRSM UAE Branch Symposium / AGM in Dubai this month.

The event conveyed information from notable industry figures covering topics such as fire safety, worker’s welfare, working at heights and leadership. Additionally, a panel discussion and live demonstration focused on this year’s theme:

“Industrial Safety: The Challenges We Face”


Eng. Raed Al-Marzooqi  – OHS Section Head – Dubai Municipality addresses the audience


Mr. Nick Dulley – JSP, Mr. Sofian Hamila – ATG, Mr. Jason Woods – IPAF, TBC – BSI Group, TBC – PASMA – Discussion Panel


There were many sponsors supporting this event



MindSafety look forward to helping build a strong and supportive safety culture environment in this region in the near future.




March 2018


Making it easier for coaches in the workplace to feed back to the HSE team. We have made picking goals a lot easier with the new MindSafety Feedback Safety Coach Online Resource, now only taking a few minutes to complete. Offering flexibility, this resource can be accessed on multiple devices, not just a PC. So coaches just click on the link, and the inter-active feedback page comes up on the device they have access to, such as their mobile phone.




March 2018

MindSafety launch their latest training resource.

‘This is a great item to have when delivering a safety awareness session.’

‘Really helps to remind me of the subject matter when I give an induction safety talk.’


Please contact me with some more information about the new Training Support Banner.

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NEW FREE online HSE Culture Measurement Tool

MindSafety are now able to offer a FREE culture measurement service, which is online, easy to use, and will provide a detailed Report on the current HSE culture maturity and operative’s perceptions about safety within your organisation.

The process uses the recognized and highly respected Hearts & Minds HSE Culture Measurement mechanism, and the report will provide a full breakdown of responses from all participants from the workforce, which involves managers, supervisors and front-line workers, as well as a calculated assessment of the organisation’s position on the HSE maturity scale. This can then provide a platform to plan for improvement and development of the HSE culture, – providing a ‘NOW’ picture to serve as a tangible starting point.


Click Here for more information.



New launch for 2018


This course is a new resource developed & designed to engage sub-contractors & SME businesses.

Easy-to-attend, entertaining and dynamic sessions to introduce the audience to the impact just being human can have on safety in the workplace, and how we can all develop better & safer habits to ensure everyone goes home uninjured every day.

“A great experience. Thank you.”

“Excellently presented. Very interesting and useful information.”

“Everyone should attend this course.”

“Great presenter. Very entertaining and informative.”


Each attendee receives a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ from MindSafety, which provides evidence that they have attended this important session, and that they are now aware of the human behaviours which can catch them out while in the workplace, and the measures they can now take to ‘stack the odds in their favour’ when it comes to safety at work.



Please contact me & provide more information about this Inspirational Talk event.

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Designed to help organisations engage the contractor and sub-contractor with the MindSafety ‘Key Messages’, by inviting them to attend a MindSafety ‘Head Turning’ event.

Attendees will be issued with a plastic Safety Awareness card, showing their name, the date they attended the event, and the expiry date after 12 months, when it is recommended to have a ‘refresher’ session to ensure the knowledge is still remembered.

Clients will instantly be able to see who has attended the MindSafety event, which makes the safety coach’s support easier on the site as the contractor workforce are now aware of the client’s expected standard for safety, and so helps greatly to align their perceptions about safety with that of the resident workforce.

“This is a great way to engage contractors with the safety teams.”

“Something we have been looking for to help unifying teams on site safety.”

“A great help for safety coaches, making safety communications easier with contractors.”




Please contact me with some more information about the new 'SA' Card.

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