It is important to know where your safety culture is to plan moving forward to achieving world class safety.
There are many models to do this, and here at MindSafety we often see preferred methods and ways to assess where the culture sits.
We have designed the above illustration which we believe helps tie together some of the preferred models and measurement scales. In all cases, we find the culture change process remains the same, – moving from a reactive to a proaction culture.



NEW FREE online HSE Culture Measurement Tool

MindSafety are now able to offer a FREE culture measurement service, which is online, easy to use, and will provide a detailed Report on the current HSE culture maturity and operative’s perceptions about safety within your organisation.

The process uses the recognized and highly respected Hearts & Minds HSE Culture Measurement mechanism, and the report will provide a full breakdown of responses from all participants from the workforce, which involves managers, supervisors and front-line workers, as well as a calculated assessment of the organisation’s position on the HSE maturity scale. This can then provide a platform to plan for improvement and development of the HSE culture, – providing a ‘NOW’ picture to serve as a tangible starting point.







  1. Complete and submit the Information Form below.
  2. We will design your survey links using the information you provide and send back to you to distribute to the participants.
  3. We receive the responses direct and the analyzed results are compiled into a comprehensive report which is sent back to you.
  4. The whole process in absolutely free and there are no conditions or obligations imposed by using the service.
  5. Impartial and identified improvement opportunities as well as strategies and implementation methods are included within the report.

An optional face-to-face site visit by an experienced Hearts & Minds consultant is available at an additional cost* – Please indicate on the Inquiry Form if this is an element you would wish included within the culture measurement process.


All information provided is treated in the strictest confidence and we would never share any information with any associated partner or third party. Mindsafety have a strict data management policy and comply fully with all aspects of the Data Protection Act 1998, ensuring all our clients that there data is safe and managed appropriately.


FREE HSE CULTURE MEASURE - Information Questionnaire

Is this survey to be conducted within the UK?

Anticipated number of managers participating in this measure process (up to 50 per survey report)

Anticipated number of supervisors participating in this measure (up to 100 per survey report)

Anticipated numbers of the workforce participating in this measure (up to 300 per survey report)

Is the organisation currently running a behavioral based safety programme

I would like to include a face-to-face site visit by a Hearts & Minds consultant

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It is important to effectively market and promote the measure initiative in the area where it is planned. There should be a fixed launch date and a date and time when the survey is to be completed by. Participants will need to be notified of their involvement and given enough time and opportunity to complete the questionnaire. Each questionnaire takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

It is equally important to clearly inform all participants that the survey is anonymous,  and therefore they can be absolutely honest and sincere with their answers and  responses to the questions given, as the report will only refer to the site or depot, and will not refer to or name any person giving their feedback. The purpose of the measure process is to rate the overall perceptions about safety, and to identify culture improvement opportunities only.

The report will be compiled within 7 days and sent to the contact person within the organisation once the responses have been received.



If you wish to discuss any aspects of this free resource, please call our team on 0800 612 4969, or email us at