Join MindSafety on a
Culture Change Journey

Promoting a 'Walk Over' Culture

The observer always sees more




"It has been excellent having MindSafety onboard, the main impact being the confidence of the coaches.
 I feel that if it wasn't for this visit we would still be crawling along."
Offshore Installation Manager - Shell

Immediate Corrective Action

Conscious Overload

(7 +/- 2)


 " I deal with strong characters so being able to gain knowledge of human behavioural patterns will 
help me to understand & deal with situations with a different perspective. "
Team Leader - Nexen

Good House Keeping

Be safe whilst in 'Alpha'


" Really enjoyed the psychology content of the course, with plenty to relate to.
Very well delivered and positive. Enjoyable. "
Offshore Operative BP

20 Second Alpha Scan

Before you enter 'Skilful' Mode ('The Zone')


" More than a training course. Let’s hope we can use this after we leave today in a Sisk workplace scenario.
Really enjoyed and learnt a lot. "
Operative - John Sisk & Son

Time - v - Risk

Better late then never


" Really refreshing, positive and enthusiastic. Will make me review my beliefs and attitude. "
Line Manager - Vibro Menard


Developing Safe Habits


" Best course I ever attended to benefit at home and work. "
Manager - Maersk